Mt Republic Chapel of Peace Cooke City, Montana
Mount Republic Chapel of Peace
Sunday, June 13, 2021
An Interdenominational Place of Worship



Mount Republic Chapel of Peace is affiliated with A Christian Ministry in the National Parks.  ACMNP started in 1951 and is an interdenominational ministry that extends the Christian message to those who live, work, and vacation in America’s national parks.  Millions come in contact with ACMNP each year. 


ACMNP places ministry teams in more than 20 national parks each year, from Alaska’s Denali National Park to the U.S. Virgin Islands. Every Sunday between Memorial Day and Labor Day, ACMNP Ministry Staff Members offer approximately 150 worship services at 75 sites across the country.


Although ACMNP receive the finest cooperation from the National Park Service and the Park companies, no government or company funds are appropriated to maintain the local programs. This ministry depends entirely upon the generosity of those who worship in the parks and upon interested friends.


Special gifts to ACMNP may be sent to:


               A Christian Ministry in the National Parks

                     9185 East Kenyon Ave. Suite #230

                     Denver, CO 80237


Or call: 1-800-786-3450 or 303-220-2808


Visit for more information.


Mount Republic Chapel of Peace is board-run and financially independent from ACMNP.  MRCP contributes to ACMNP annually. 


If you would like to contribute to our year-round ministry here at Mount Republic Chapel of Peace, please send your check to:


          Mount Republic Chapel of Peace

          P.O. Box 1112

          Cooke City, MT 59020