Mt Republic Chapel of Peace Cooke City, Montana
Mount Republic Chapel of Peace
Monday, September 23, 2019
An Interdenominational Place of Worship


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***July 2019 Sermons***
07212019_10am (No Audio)
07072019_10am "Love So Amazing" (No Audio) 
***June 2019 Sermons***
06232019 "When God Shows Up"   (no audio) 
06022019 "I Am That I Am" .mp3  Kristal Christopherson
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***April 2019 Sermons***
04282019 No Audio
04212019 "Prove It" .mp3  Easter Sunday
04142019 "Expecting the Unexpected" (No Audio) Palm Sunday
***March 2019 Sermons***
03102019 (No Audio) 1st Sunday in Lent